Things to consider when

Selling a Piano

When you are faced with the issue of selling your piano there are some things that you can do to help it to sell better.

Anyone coming to see it and play it will, of course, want to hear it in tune, see it at it’s best and be assured that everything works well.

Do these few things before you’re ready to advertise:


Get it



Take care of



Touch up the


All these steps will help insure that your piano will be presented at it’s best.

In addition to this it will really help if you know that brand, size, serial number and finish. (Ex: Baldwin Acrosonic spinet- #333221 in a walnut satin)

To determine a fair price, first of all, call us and we’ll be happy to help you. Even though it’s best to try to see a piano we can do a lot over the phone. We have been appraising pianos for decades and know most all the brands. So we can get ‘in the ballpark’ very quickly to help you see what you’ve got. It may very well be, because we strive to buy good used pianos, that we would be interested in it.

Call us and see.

If there is a need after that you can talk to a piano technician or have one come and look at it to see what kind of condition it’s in and what might be needed to better it for sale.

Sometimes musical instruments that don’t have a real market appeal are much harder to sell. The big, older Uprights of yesteryear can be difficult to find buyers for, so these might be more difficult to move. Also, the older home organs no longer have the appeal they once did and so finding a buyer for this instrument can take a miracle at times. It’s sad, yes… (We get this call all the time…”but Grandma’s Organ is in perfect shape! Everything plays and it looks brand new!”) The trouble is that very few people want these instruments anymore and that’s why they can be a challenge. Not that there aren’t buyers for them; it’s just tough to do. If you live in Minnesota and especially the Twin Cities area and you really want to move that piano out, contact Carlson’s Piano World!